3 generations
and 2 centuries of history

dedicated to the culture of wine

3 generations
and 2 centuries of history

dedicated to the culture of wine


Our domain has a Family History which goes back to 1763. At that time wine production represented only part of their income because they had barely two hectares vines. Livestock breeding and barrel making were also necessary for living in the XVIIIth century.


Germaine worked hard on the family domain during the war, and waiting for her husband’s return. Rémi COQUILLEAU spent five long years as a prisoner in a camp in Czechoslovakia. Their daughter Huguette had to wait until her 9th birthday until her father’s return.


Simon and Huguette worked hard and carefully on the growth of the domain during the 60’s. They started to restructure the vineyard. Until the beginning of the 70’s, the whole production of the domain was sold through the Bordeaux wine merchants.


1973 saw the very first bottle labeled under the name ``Domaine des Graves d’Ardonneau``. It was made from the best grapes of the vineyard. Simon and Huguette greatly contributed to the expansion of the domain which consisted of about twenty hectares in the 80’s.


Their son, Christian, after oenology studies, played his part in the domain with his knowledge and Passion.


He married Pascale who shared his life project. They have continued to expand the domain year after year, and worked tirelessly to improve the quality of their wines.


Their son, Laurent, studied in the Faculty of Oenology in Bordeaux. He is at the same time passionate and meticulous, and with his personal signature he gives the wines their distinctive identity. His wife Audrey, interested in his project, decided to share with him this family adventure.


At the same time, his sister Fanny studied international business in Highschool and opera singing in the Bordeaux Music College.
Eventually, she discovered that wine was the perfect job to join art and human relationships. But it is not rare to hear an opera tune in our cellars. She brings the feminine touch to the wine-making.